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Discover the secret of Google AdWords & Learn How to get STUNNING results and gain super CHEAP traffic with Google AdWords

I'm going to share with you an AdWords Secret. This secret strategy has been used by SMART affiliate marketers who take advantage of Google Adwords to generate millions of dollars through super CHEAP traffic with Google AdWords. Here's how you can do the same.

Affiliate marketers generally promote peoples products or services and receive a commission on a percentage of sales or leads generated. They also gain income from the Google AdSense by driving super cheap traffic to their website using Google AdWords.

So how are these affiliate marketers generating millions of dollars on small commissions by selling other people's products or services with Google AdWords, while most of the mainstream product and service providers are burning their PPC money to trying hard to find the buyers?

Before we tell you the secret, let's look how your current Google Adwords works.

Are you paying too much for your Google AdWords??

We know that you have set up your Google AdWords account. You have done your keyword research carefully from all the techniques you can learn on the net with the Google Keyword Suggestion tool, WordTracker or whatever you can find on the internet. You have picked all the "GOOD" keywords you believe that will generate sales for you and have added your keywords to your Ad Groups.

Then you set your monthly budget and launch your Google AdWords campaigns, with excitement you wait for buyers to come to your door.

However, after running your AdWords campaigns for a few weeks or months, you discover that the competition is so high! Majority of the time your high search volume keywords have been deactivated because your Max CPC is too low, you possibly keep increasing your Max CPC in order to get your ads to show up on the first page of Google search results.

Then after you discover that your ad spending is sky-rocketing to the roof, your ad CTR is very low and your landing page did not convert. Your dream Google AdWords campaigns are running into a nightmare.

If the above sounds familiar to you, then you are not alone. Thousands of AdWords advertisers are facing the same problem as you. So now you are probably wondering what the solution is.


For most PPC advertisers, high CPC, low CTR, low conversion rate and poor ROI is a nightmare for their Google Adwords campaigns.

You want to reduce your CPC, your want to improve your quality score, you want to improve your conversion, you want to improve your landing page and increase your ROI.

However, the most challenge question is: HOW can I do that?

Now, we would like to share with you the hidden secret that will blow your competitors away and massively reduce your CPC spending in just 30 minutes.

Discover the secret of Google AdWords

After 12 months of research and analysis of hundreds of Google AdWords accounts, we finally discover this hidden secret that most PPC advertisers have ignored.

Now listen, this hidden secret will completely change the way how you manage your Google AdWords and other PPC campaigns, it will make a difference between you being a winner or loser. It will allow you to get 1000's of super cheap traffic to your website day after day just like those smart affiliate marketers did.

Ok, let's getting start in order to:

  • Reduce your CPC
  • Improve your ad quality score
  • Improve your conversion rate
  • Increase your ROI

You need to create MANY MANY Ad Groups with one or two keywords and ads in each Ad Group, so that your keyword will match to each ads in each Ad Groups.. GOT IT??

So, how many Ad Groups are to be considered as "many"? Well, it is not 20, 50 or 100, basically you need to create hundreds or even thousands Ad Groups.

One Google AdWords account allows you to create 25 campaigns and 100 Ad Groups per campaign. So you can promote 2,000 to 4,000 keywords per account with 1 or 2 keywords per Ad Group, this will allow you to drive massive cheap traffic from Google AdWords.

Take FULL advantage of Google AdWords Contents Network and Driving More Super Cheap Traffic

Google's Content Network has transformed considerably and will change even more in the next 6 months. Most people are 2 or 3 years behind.

When you're up to date, it'll be like being 2 years AHEAD of the pack because there are gratifying quantities of quality traffic available on Google's Content Network. Google is introducing all kinds of new features soon, in addition to new things you may not know of yet.

Now once you understand this hidden secret, then you can multiply this concept with Google AdWords contents network and get more SUPER CHEAP traffic to your website without paying high CPC, leave your competitors alone and enjoy the power of Google AdWords.

How can you do that? Right, you use the same concept as mentioned above and create Content Network ads.

According to Google there is a high inventory for the Content Network that only cost a penny compared to a few dollars even $20.00 or $30.00 per clicks in the Search Network.

All you need to do is simply create a separate campaign for the Content Network, and use the same concept as above to create hundreds or thousands of Ad Groups with 1 or 2 keywords and image ads in each Ad Group. You will generate 1,000's of super cheap traffic for a few cents per click.

Create 5000+ high quality score ads and Ad Groups in less than 10 minutes

You may be wondering how long it will take to create hundreds or thousands Ad Groups? If you do it manually, it will take hundreds of hours and even weeks. Just try it yourself; you will quickly learn that it is a nightmare. This probably is one of the reasons why most of the advertisers never take the time to create their campaigns properly because they're just too lazy to either take easy way or they don't have time.

You don't need to panic! This is exactly where PPC AdMax comes from. Now you can do this very time consuming work easily with PPC AdMax! This is the new next generation PPC Campaign creation and management tool to help you to create thousands of highly relevant quality ads in less than 10 minutes with a click of button.

Let's show you exactly how it works:

Let's Recap this again on what PPC AdMax can do for you:

  • Managing and reducing the escalation of pay per click costs
  • Successfully launch high quality relevant PPC campaigns
  • Improve Quality Score and lower you bid costs simultaneously
  • Gain quality traffic to your website and boost click through rates on your ads
  • Save money by keeping your estimated budget and increase the return on your investment
  • Create 5000+ AdGroups with 2 or 3 ads per AdGroups in less than 10 minutes
Consider this: how much you are paying for your Google AdWords each month? What happens if you implement this new AdWords campaign strategy and reduce your CPC by 10%? How about 20% or 30%? If your current monthly spending is $2,000 per month, 10% of CPC reduce will save you $200.00 dollars.
Let me help you with the math :) That's $200 saving per month of $2,400 per year for a piece of software that only costs $299.95 and that's not even taking into consideration the amount of time you are saving if you doing all this manually.
But here's the catch: Every minute you delay this you could wind up costing you dearly, IF you can get in at ALL.
The choice is clear you can continue to waste time bumbling around blindly trying to figure out how to reduce your CPC and improve your ROI, or you can...
Get With The Proven Winners.
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